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The Improvement Of Ciamis Road Infrastructure Reaches 54.3 KM Detail Explored

The Improvement Of Ciamis Road Infrastructure Reaches 54.3 KM Detail Explored : #Improvement #Ciamis #Road #Infrastructure #Reaches #Detail #Explored CelebSurgery

The improvement of Ciamis road infrastructure reaches 54.3 KM
– #improvement #Ciamis #road #infrastructure #reaches

The government of Ciamis Regency in 2022 is carrying out activities to improve the road infrastructure along 54.3 kilometers (KM).

Even though hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic, the regional government continued to optimize road infrastructure development activities.

DPUPRP Ciamis Regency Chief Andang Firman through Highways Chief Hilman Nuryadin outlined the priority agenda for road improvement.

Hilman said this year, the improvement of the hotmix road infrastructure continues.

“The total is 54.3 kilometers,” Hilman said Monday (10/17/2022).

Hilman said the biggest budget for road infrastructure improvement comes from Provincial Assistance (Banprov) amounting to Rp 50.35 billion.

Then, Hilman said, came from the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) amounting to Rp 28.21 billion and Ciamis Regency APBD of Rp 40.91 billion.

One of the road sections that received the improvement program is Purwadadi-Bojongnangka, Karangnangka-Jelegong, Cidolog-Jelegong and Sindangrasa-Cigayam road.

Hilman explained that due to this road improvement program, currently the road stability in Ciamis Regency has reached 78.63 percent.

This figure is calculated from the total length of the road infrastructure belonging to the district which reaches 848 kilometers.

“That means it’s 661 kilometers,” Hilman said.

In addition to improving the road infrastructure, Hilman added, local authorities are also performing periodic maintenance on 6.75 kilometers.

“And routine maintenance along 275 kilometers,” he said.

Then, the Ciamis Regency Government, continued Hilman, carried out the replacement of bridges damaged by natural disasters at 3 points.

With a good condition of the road infrastructure, Hilman hopes that the economy of the residents of Ciamiș Regency will grow.

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