Maxine Conway

Maxine Conway (formerly Max) is really a recurring character from Wentworth, portrayed by actor Socratis Otto. Maxine is notable to be Bea Smith’s (Danielle Cormack) bodyguard and for being transgender inside the series. She was dating Gary until she stabbed him.

Throughout the 4th episode from the 4th season, Maxine is afflicted with cancer of the breast.

Episode 2 of Season 5 saw Maxine’s departure to some facility that’s specifically outfitted to deal with her cancer.

The backstory provided by Wentworth’s website states “Maxine is really a male-to-female transsexual who, despite getting gone through gender reassignment surgery and putting on a wig making-up, looks unambiguously male. Devastated after denial by her boyfriend following her surgery, Maxine responded by stabbing him leading to her doing amount of time in Wentworth.”

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Otto stated within an interview with What’s on television that Maxine was “an entirely innocent bird”.

Otto claimed within an interview that Maxine would be a “loyal disciple” to top dog Bea.

Talking with the interviewer for Female First, Otto mentioned, “For me personally Daniel it had been attempting to not always educate but simply to provide a personality, a transgender that will make audiences question their very own approach as well as their own stereotypes about transsexuals.”

Otto has had the ability to compare Maxine to Boomer he stated, “Booms doesn’t have filter. Even though the huge similarity she explains to Maxine is the fact that they have both developed feeling and being told they do not belong, mocked, outsiders. They are both basically abandoned children simply pining for love.”

Within an interview with Gay Occasions, Otto stated, “After I registered I’d an inkling since i understood it had been dependent on intense figures and drama. By season three, once Maxine will get completely recognized, she aligns herself with Bea so we see another side of her personality. She becomes sassy, confident and powerful, and then the thing is many of the comedy being released between Maxine and Boomer. I believe Maxine recognised herself in Boomer the small lost individual who just really wants to be loved and isn’t area of the norm.”

When interviewed by Herald Sun, Otto stated, “The gorgeous irony is the fact that Maxine is a lot more of the lady than most of the female figures on Wentworth due to what she represents when it comes to what we should see a lady to become. She’s a nurturer, she’s sensitive, a mom, loyal, independent, virtuous, she’s a survivor.”

Otto mentioned within an interview he disliked their nails he’d for that role. Requested the way the show’s creators gave him a ladies body, Otto stated, “It’s crazy in the neck lower. I’ve special trans-gender under garments, which accentuates the physique so I have got butt implants and sides, as well as my chicken fillets. Everybody at the office is extremely jealous because I have had various appearances through the season. However the make-up takes longer than these.” Otto stated he had negative preconceptions concerning the trans community until he did research for that role.

Within the episode “Screw Lover”, Maxine is afflicted with cancer. Otto stated within an interview, “It’s an oestrogen sensitive cancer that any lady could possibly get and men could possibly get cancer of the breast too and there’s lack of knowledge available. For me personally, the storyline is all about who shall we be held when confronted with a existence or dying situation and just what do my loved ones and buddies show me and we’re even more than our gender in the finish during the day.” Otto think it is an “incredibly brave” subject material, and “it had been very beautiful and emotional”. He stated the authors had given Maxine the greatest confrontation to cope with for the reason that season.

Maxine is among the new prisoners used in Wentworth. She’s seen with Jess Warner along with a lady who had been thinking about killing Bea. Within the showers, Maxine saves Bea by showing up in the lady transporting out a success purchased through the Holts. On her behalf admission to the prison, Maxine was crowded by transphobic comments.

In “Metamorphosis”, Maxine bakes an escape attempt but doesn’t get beyond the gates because she’s arrested by Will Jackson and Vera Bennett. Maxine will no longer have her wig following this episode because Vera refuses allow it to her.

In “The Fixer”, because of Maxine giving Jess urine for Doreen to make use of to conquer getting pregnant test, Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) cuts the hormone medications to Maxine as punishment. Maxine infiltrates Franky Doyle’s (Nicole da Silva) gang.

In “In To The Night”, Maxine helps Bea obtain a knife but it’s then discovered by Franky. Maxine watches the battle between Franky and Bea.

In “Fear Her”, Maxine is briefly seen being quizzed by Ferguson about Bea’s location because of a getaway. Other brief scenes are when she discusses Bea’s escape with Jess, watching this news of Bea’s capture and Brayden’s dying along with other prisoners and it is seen when Franky informs the prison that Bea is top dog.

In “The Governor’s Pleasure”, Maxine follows Bea’s orders to produce a riot making a fire within the yard. Maxine leads the prisoners from the officials until Bea arrives. Through the third season, Maxine helps Bea loyally in fighting against Ferguson.

In Failing Upwards, Maxine holds Boomer’s hands lower when Bea burns her. Maxine also constitutes a comment that they hasn’t had pizza in the morning when she was helping delivering the pizzas that Bea had got another prisoners.

In “Righteous Functions”, Maxine is angry when Bea will get knifed, Maxine attacks Jodie Speteri to discover why she made it happen. Maxine and Bea then found that Ferguson continues to be manipulating her.

In “Freak Show”, when Bea is questioning quitting her role of top dog, Maxine reminds Bea that they guaranteed to consider lower Ferguson at whatever cost.

In “Bloodstream and Fire”, Maxine watches in shock and fear when Bea and Franky encounter the burning prison to save Doreen’s baby Josh.

Otto noted within an interview he didn’t think Wentworth might have acquired much global attention. Otto stated he enjoyed playing a transgender character.

A reporter for that Metro noted that Maxine was among the show’s most loved figures.

The Daily Telegraph stated that Otto was “unrecognisable in the new role playing transgender prisoner Maxine Conway”.

Maxine continues to be noted as “a transgender character, transformed massive limitations to get among the most powerful and many likable figures.” by Metro.

A author on AfterEllen, compared Maxine to Sophia Burset, the transgender character on Orange May Be The New Black performed by Laverne Cox. The author stated “The wig factor is sensible, I suppose, if she’s been off her hormones for some time, however that concern is never addressed. Each and every scene with Maxine is all about her difference, her otherness. And I am really fine with all of those other figures saying shitty items to her that reduce her to her anatomy-they are and not the most enlightened people ever—but your camera appears to deal with her with similar crassness because the inmates.”

Gay Occasions stated about Maxine “She’s a primary reason our eyes are extremely fixated towards the dramatic happenings of season three so we like it.” when speaking concerning the character before interviewing Socratis Otto about his amount of time in Wentworth Prison.

Throughout the story in which the Holt’s were built with a hit on Bea for that attack of Brayden, Metro described Maxine who had been among the hitmen suspects as “Transgendered Maxine Conway certainly raises some eyebrows and suspicion”.

Elaine Atwell mentioned about Maxine’s cancer storyline, “Apparently , the main one DAY she was made to behave as Top Dog was your day her cancer made the decision to metastasize. Now it’s both in her breasts and her lymph nodes, and she’s facing a dual mastectomy. Which: that’s absurd and never how disease works, but we are just going to need to support our disbelief on stilts whether it will not suspend itself.”

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