Kanye West and Ray J Reunite at Candace Owen’s Film Premiere

Kanye West and Ray J Reunite at Candace Owen’s Film Premiere : #Kanye #West #Ray #Reunite #Candace #Owens #Film #Premiere CelebSurgery

Kanye West and Ray J have a weird reunion

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The premiere for Candace Owens’s film The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM was momentarily upstaged by the reunion of Ray J and Kanye West, with the former being Kim Kardashian’s ex lover in their highly-publicized sex tape, and the latter being her estranged husband. 

The aforementioned overshadowing of the film’s premiere was apparently staged by Candace Owens herself, as a derisive jab at Kardashian according to unnamed sources via TMZ.  

It’s hardly Owens’ first shot at Kim, having leaked a voicemail earlier this week from Kardashian to Ray J in which she called Whitney Houston “an old hag,” who Ray J was dating at the time it was sent.

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Ye reportedly arrived at the Woolworth Theater in Nashville two hours after the scheduled arrival time, and posed for pictures with Kid Rock and Ray J himself.

As wild and awkward as this reunion may be, this is unfortunately a comparably tame and innocuous story involving West in recent weeks, with the rapper donning a White Lives Matter shirt at Paris Fashion Week, which he considered funny, and going on a tirade of antisemitic posts on social media – resulting in his accounts getting banned from a number of platforms.

West’s long-running and multi-billion dollar partnership with sports brand Adidas is also in jeopardy following the release of footage of Ye making some sort of weird power play towards Adidas employees by forcing them to watch pornography on his phone as some sort of metaphor for how Ye felt the brand had been treating him.

The footage is speculated to have been filmed in roughly the same timeframe that the Yeezy brand terminated its partnership with Gap clothing stores, and you get the sneaking suspicion Ye isn’t done making headlines quite yet.

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