Is Shakira Still In Jail? Why is Shakira Still In Jail? What is the main reason behind her in Jail?

Is Shakira Still In Jail? Why is Shakira Still In Jail? What is the main reason behind her in Jail? : #Shakira #Jail #Shakira #Jail #main #reason #Jail CelebSurgery

Is Shakira Still In Jail?

Shakira is a Colombian singer and model. She has a record of a total of 145 songs. She sold over 80 million records, making her one of the best-selling music artists. Also, Forbes Colombia reported that in 2018, she was the most-selling female Latin artist of the decade. According to hitc resources, she is not still in jail. She was not paying taxes in Spain between 2012 and 2014, her official residence was in the Bahamas, and she resided in Spain for more than half of each year. She is now facing eight years, two months behind bars, and $23.8million dollars. 

How Long Is Shakira In Jail For?

According to Reuters resources, Shakira is in jail for 8months. Her manager mentioned that she referred to a previous statement with her innocence and complete confidence. She considers as a case of total violation of her rights. Also, in a recent interview, she mentioned that she paid 17.2 Million euros to the Spanish tax office. In 2021, she submitted applications to three big industrial companies in 2019. Her legal paperwork is not filed for many purposes of establishing new companies, but this is a part of the process of dissolving existing companies. 

Why Is Shakira In Jail?

According to usatoday resource, she is facing six significant charges alleging that she failed to pay the Spanish government nearly $5 Million in taxes between 2012 and 2014. She got a fine of $24.5Million.She testified before a judge in 2019 as part of an investigation into her alleged tax evasion and denied any wrongdoing. Her PR firm said that she immediately paid what she owed with some interest once the tax office informed her of the debt. In an interview, Spanish judge Marco Juberias mentioned that she lived the years in many doubts, but he has much evidence about Shakira. 

Shakira Networth

According to marca Resources, Shakira’s networth is $350Million. Some of her best songs are 1968 by  Eduardo Paz, 23 by Luis Fernando Ochoa, Always on My Mind by Luis Fernando Ochoa, Amor (Celos de ti) by Johnny Christopher, Animal City by Johnny Christopher, Mark James, Wayne Carson Thompson, Ask for More b, Boig per Tu, Broken Record, Brujería, Cazador de Amor, Chasing Shadows, Controls Mi Destino, Costumes Makes the Clown, Cuentas Conmigo, Cut Me Deep, Devoción, Dónde Están Los Ladrones?, “King and Queen”(Wyclef Jean featuring Shakira) and Controlas Mi Destino


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