Intestines pulled out: Infant mauled to death by stray dog in Noida housing society

Intestines pulled out: Infant mauled to death by stray dog in Noida housing society : #Intestines #pulled #Infant #mauled #death #stray #dog #Noida #housing #society CelebSurgery

A 7-month-old toddler was mauled to death on Monday evening by a stray dog in a Noida gated society.

Milan Sharma

Noida,UPDATED: Oct 18, 2022 14:43 IST

The child had to go through a surgery in Noida’s Yatharth Hospital which was unsuccessful.

By Milan Sharma: A seven-month-old child of a labourer was mauled to death by a stray dog in a high-rise society in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida on Monday evening.

The toddler was admitted to the ICU. The child’s intestines were pulled out in the attack. The child had to go through surgery at Noida’s Yatharth Hospital, which was unsuccessful.

The child died this morning, Tuesday, in a hospital after being in a critical condition the whole night.

The incident happened in a Noida housing society, Lotus Boulevard, situated in Sector 100.

Angry residents protest against Noida Authority

Angry residents of the society gathered together and demanded the Noida Authority to take action in the matter.

According to one of the residents of the society, there are many stray dogs living in the basement of society. They are also being fed inside society.

The resident further added that there is construction work going on in society because of which the labourer was there with his 7-month-old child.

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“Notably, this is not the first incident of a stray dog attacking someone in society as it happens every 3-4 months. We have complained about this to the Noida authority and to the AOA too, but they did not take any action,” the resident added.

After the incident, the AOA Secretary of the society has issued a statement. The statement read “AOA President has spoken to the Noida Authority and the entire govt machinery is aligned to sort this menace.”

The body has been handed over to the parents of the victim.

The toddler’s parents have left for Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh with the body where the last rites will be performed.

The victim’s maternal uncle stays in Singrauli.

Noida Sector 39 police station is investigating the matter.

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