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Gwendlyn Brown Comes Out as Bi on Sister Wives

Gwendlyn Brown Comes Out as Bi on Sister Wives : #Gwendlyn #Brown #Sister #Wives CelebSurgery

More than two years ago, in the summer of 2020, Gwendlyn Brown came out as bisexual.

That was on social media — where, we might add, Gwendlyn continues to be an absolute delight.

On this week’s episode of Sister Wives, it was time for an update for less social media savvy viewers.

This time, Christine also got to discuss her daughter’s coming out, and the many conversations that followed.

Gwendlyn Brown took sisterly teasing to meme-worthy levels by reminding Ysabel Brown that it’s Pride month. Clearly, cameras captured this conversation in June. We expect to see this screenshot on many Junes in the future. (Image Credit: Sister Wives)

Ysabel was packing up her things for her big move. Because she and Kody Brown aren’t close, other family was helping out.

Gwendlyn teased Ysabel, with Christine’s confessional noting that her sense of humor was really a lot at the moment.

And then Gwen commented: “It’s Pride month. You can’t talk to me like that.” Wise words.

More than two years after first coming out as bi on social media, Gwendlyn Brown shared that she is bisexual on an episode of Sister Wives. Good for her! (Image Credit: TLC)

Many of us knew that Gwen was bi. She even did her girlfriend reveal before this.

But, with so much going on, she had not gotten into the topic on the show. Until now.

“I’m bisexual,” Gwendlyn explained to producers. And, more directly, to the audience.

Gwendlyn Brown and girlfriend Beatriz Queiroz went Instagram Official in the spring of 2022. (Image Credit: Instagram)

On the off chance that any viewers live in deeply heterosexual bubbles or assume deeply binary definitions of labels, Gwen also explained.

“I’m not only attracted to women,” she clarified. Some make erroneous assumptions about the LGBTQ+ community, especially when “gay” is sometimes used as an umbrella term.

“I’m also attracted to men,” Gwendlyn explained, “and people that fall into other gender spectrums.” In other words, you know, people.

Michael Page first conceived the bisexual pride flag in 1998 in an effort to combat the erasure of bi men, women, and others within the LGBTQ+ community. It also happens to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing pride flags in existence.

While the LGBTQ+ community in general sometimes receives the “invisible minority” label, that goes extra for the bi community.

Simply put, gay and trans people might remain closeted until they come out — if they come out at all. Many do not.

But bi folks too often find themselves unseen or uncounted as bi even after coming out. At times, this means receiving a label of “gay” or “straight” depending upon whom they happen to be dating. Gwen using her label publicly is a very good thing.

Christine Brown recalls the moment that she knew that her now 21-year-old daughter was not heterosexual while speaking to the confessional camera on Sister Wives. (Image Credit: TLC)

Back to the episode itself, Christine spoke to the camera about Gwendlyn’s identity and sexuality.

It was when Kody and Meri’s child, Leon, first came out, Christine recalled.

“I knew immediately,” she commented.

Christine Brown snapped what appears to be a diner selfie with daughter Gwendlyn Brown. They shared the photo on an episode of Sister Wives. (Image Credit: TLC)

Christine spoke about how she and Gwendlyn have had many “great conversations” about sexuality over the years.

Of course, Gwen’s sense of humor comes into play. This time, teasing her mom.

Gwendlyn, Christine noted, often “teases me about having celebrity crushes on women and that I’m also partially gay.”

2016 MET Gala: All The Red Carpet Looks!Photo via Larry Busacca

“My female celebrity crushes are Blake Lively, Kelly Clarkson, Emily Blunt. They’re just beautiful,” Christine listed.

“I can’t help but admire them,” she said, quickly clarifying: “But it would only go that far. I’m definitely heterosexual.” 

Honestly, wanting Blake Lively to run you over with a truck (or, you know, whatever) may be one of those experiences that transcends gender and sexuality. Good for Christine for talking about it. And congrats again to Gwendlyn.

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