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Caterina Scorsone Net Worth And Biography

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Caterina Scorsone is a Canadian-American actress who is best known for her role as Dr Amelia Sheperd in the Grey’s Anatomy drama (2010-present) and its spin-offs; Private Practice, and, Station 19. She made her acting debut when she was still a child on the Canadian children’s program titled Mr Dressup. Afterwards, she appeared in several other films and received several television credits as well. In this article, RNN details Caterina Scorsone’s net worth, biography, and career.

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Caterina Scorsone

Date of Birth
October 16, 1981


Marital Status


Caterina Scorsone’s Net Worth
$2 Million



Caterina Scorsone was born in Toronto, Ontario on October 16, 1981, and she is of half-Italian descent. Her father, Antonio Bruno Scorsone is a social worker, and her mother, Suzanne Rozell Scorsone, is a social anthropologist. Caterina Scorsone has four siblings and she is the middle child. She has older twin sisters, Jovanna and Francesca, a younger sister, Deborah Scorsone, and a younger brother too.

Caterina Scorsone attended the Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts in Toronto and Subway Academy II. Later on, she attended Trinity College at the University of Toronto where she majored in Literary Studies and minored in Philosophy. She then graduated in 2005.

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Caterina Scorsone Net Worth and Biography

Caterina Scorsone made her first television appearance in Goosebumps, an adaptation of Night of the Living Dummy 2 and afterwards, graduated to taking regular guest spots as a child on the Canadian Children’s TV show, Mr Dressup. 

In 1998, Caterina Scorsone had a role in The Mystery Project called Peggy Delaney as Amber, an estranged 15-year-old daughter who comes from Vancouver to live with her mother for a school term in Toronto.


Caterina Scorsone had her career breakthrough with the lead role she played in the Missing series from 2003 to 2006. Afterwards, she played Jess Mastrani; a young lady who sees missing persons in visions and after saving some missing persons, joined the FBI and a special squad was created around her to find missing persons.

In 2009, she starred as Alice Hamilton in the Showcase miniseries, Alice, which was later broadcast on Syfy in America. The following year, Caterina Scorsone joined the cast of the Private Practice series where she repeated her role as Dr Amelia Sheperd, the sister to Derek Sheperd from Grey’s Anatomy. The role came to her through Eric Stoltz who was directing one of the show’s episodes. Eric Stoltz heard about the Amelia role and thought about Caterina Scorsone who had worked with her on My Horrible Year! She recommended her to Shonda Rhimes and made a comment as regards the existing resemblance between Caterina Scorsone and Patrick Dempsey who plays Derek Sheperd. And as of July 2010, she was already promoted to series regular for Private Practice. Caterina Scorsone appeared in the third episode of the seventh season of Grey’s Anatomy.

In March 2014, Caterina Scorsone returned to Grey’s Anatomy after being absent for two years as a recurring guest star. In June 2014, there was an announcement that she was upgraded to series regular for the 11th season of the show.

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Caterina Scorsone’s Net Worth

Currently, Caterina Scorsone’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. And she is also regarded as one of the most spontaneous and talented Canadian actresses.

Personal Life

Caterina Scorsone and Rob Giles got married in June 2009, and together, they have three daughters; Eliza (July 6, 2012), Paloma Michaela “Pippa” (November 2016), and Arwen Lucinda “Lucky” (December 13, 2019).

When she was pregnant with her first child, her pregnancy was written into her character’s storyline in the fifth season of Private Practice. Following that, her third pregnancy was also written into her character’s storyline in the 16th season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Caterina Scorsone is known to become outspoken for children who are born with Down Syndrome and other cognitive disabilities. This was inspired by the birth of her second daughter who was also born and lives with the syndrome. For her advocacy, she received the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award from the Global Down Syndrome Foundation on the 14th of November, 2020.

In March 2020, Caterina Scorsone and Rob Giles separated and filed for divorce in May of the same year.

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